Warren Platner Chairs

platner side chair 2

These Warren Platner chairs, as well as the iconic bent plywood lounge by Charles Eames, remain among the most stunning seating in the market today. Of course there are others. As for these…

The wire chair by my old boss Warren Platner is one of the mid-to-late century pieces that focuses on the union between aesthetics and fabrication. It follows the path blazed by Eames, Nelson, Saarinen, Hans Wegner and others. The form of this seating line echoes and expands on earlier seating designed by Platner’s former boss, Eero Saarinen. As for the technology, Warren was focused on the welding technology used to fabricate shopping carts and how to utilize it to make something beautiful. What a success! Which brings me around a business corner: the solopreneur and the 21st Century marketplace . There’s a lot of romance about this trajectory– our local Chamber of Commerce, a big cheer leader for solopreneurs. The term “solopreneur” attempts to fuse “entrepreneur” with microbusiness. We in the microbusiness world appreciate the Chamber’s support.

But where does it go? Could Platner, Eames and Saarinen have done the stunning work they did on their own? How did it all come together?

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